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Website Development

Whether you are looking to update your website or have a website built for the first time, Dragonet Designs can help you. It doesn’t matter if your website was coded by hand, or built on WordPress, we have experience with both. Now with smartphones and tablets, it’s even more important to make sure your website doesn’t only look great on a computer, but it is important to have mobile friendly options as well. Without a mobile friendly website, it will be harder for your website to be found by someone using a smartphone.

Search Engine Optimization (Being Found)

Many other website development companies like to use terms like search engine optimization to confuse you. All it really means is making your website show up higher in search engines like Google, which makes it easier for your current and future customers to find your website. Dragonet Designs is very well versed in different tactics and strategies to help Google find your website and help your website be found by more people.

Website Tracking

It may not be the most exciting part of building a website, but knowing how many people visit your site and how they are finding it is crucial to having a successful website. Tools like Google Analytics can help track key metrics for your website, and we can set them up and provide you with reports on your website.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a great way to reach new potential customers, but if done incorrectly can potentially do more harm than good. Not staying active on your social media accounts can give the wrong impression to your customers. Dragonet Designs can help manage your social media accounts as well as recommend which social accounts are the best suited for your business.

Mailing List Management

Having a mailing list is one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers to tell them about up coming events. It is a great way to promote new products and engage with your customers. Dragonet Designs can integrate your website with mailing lists to help you grow your customer base and your sales.



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