Search Engine Optimization

All search engine optimization (SEO) really means is, making your website show up higher in search engines like Google, which makes it easier for your current and future customers to find your website. Everyone with a website wants to get more traffic to their website. There are different ways to accomplish this, however the longest lasting way is by improving your SEO efforts. In order to rank well in Google these days, you need to have a very straightforward strategy, and you need to ensure you follow Google’s guidelines.


A major part of SEO which is often overlooked is keyword research. Knowing which keywords your customers use when searching for a business like yours is absolutely critical to having successful SEO. Aside from just knowing what they are searching for, you need to be able to determine which keywords will give you your best return on your investment. Making sure the keywords have a good amount of traffic with not a lot of competition will help gain the most amount of traffic.

SEO is an ongoing effort, and there is no set it and forget strategy to get your website to rank well. Knowing what is involved with SEO is half the battle, the other half is executing the strategies properly. Companies that promise to submit your website to hundreds of directories or do other shady SEO tactics will end up wasting your time and money.

With SEO, there is only one winner, and at Dragonet Designs, we love the competitiveness of it. There is no such thing as two number one spots in Google, only one website can have that spot. Finding how your customers would find your website and targeting those keywords is very important. We have extensive knowledge on keyword research and also can set up the analytics needed to ensure the SEO strategies implemented are working.


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